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Manufacturing Mushroom Grow Systems



MycMen Grow Systems offer a wide variety of adjustable environments for the growth and production of mycelium and the eventual fruitbody- mushrooms! My fascination with fungi started when I thought about all the direct and indirect impact mushrooms have on the earth. They promote biodiversity, breakdown complex compounds, and benefit humanity to name an important few.  By offering life cycle solutions, we promote the necessary steps to reach your individual end goals. With the MycMen family of Grow Systems, you can produce a vast variety of mushrooms in the comfort of your own home. Buy Now and see how easy humidity control, temperature control, and air flow provided by the patent pending MycMen Grow System can allow you to go about your day and come back to see the fruits of your labor and the beauty of nature. For seasoned growers, the MycMen XL (coming soon) offers built in pasteurization temperatures necessary for the pasteurization of bulk substrates and with our MycMen Mini alongside our MycMen Lime Packets, you can produce larger quantities of mushrooms if a bulk substrate is desired. Find out the different ways to use our system here.

The idea that started MycMen was simple. I like mushrooms and I want to give my passion for mushrooms to the world. With a unique patent idea in hand, I talked with my father and told him about my passion. He was there to take the ride with me. Some times waiting for the US patent office and several failures/learning experiences later, here we are to help those who need and want to learn.

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Andover, MN 55304, USA


Reddit: /u/MycMen

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